Why hire a pro?

I have really long arms and take great selfies.  But for my family portraits, I hire a professional.  We all have way too many photos on our phone that we rarely go back and look at.  But to get a photo of your family, worthy of putting on your holiday card or a big canvas on your wall, you need to hire a professional.  There are so many details that make a stunning portrait photo, only a professional can manage them all.

Why does it cost so much?

I'll skip the speech on business expenses, taxes, equipment, travel time, editing and all of the other aspects besides actually taking the photos.  Most importantly, you hire a professional for their talent, expertise and style.  I've invested many many many late nights (just ask my husband) learning and refining my style, and thousands of dollars in lenses, lighting, props and editing equipment (yep, ask husband again).  But let's talk about cake.  Sure you can buy a cake mix and make one yourself.  But if you want it to look professional, you hire a professional.

Do you require a retainer?

Yes.  To reserve your portrait session date, I require the $150 non-refundable retainer session fee paid in advance.    

Where are your locations?

Everywhere!  Where do you enjoy to spend your time?  I travel.  I love the outdoors and have several vetted favorite spots.  For certain types of sessions, we may stay indoors.  If you have a location in mind, great.  If not, we'll find the perfect location together.  

What should I wear?

I'm glad you asked.  In general, solid colors and nicer fabrics will help you look your best and keep the focus on you, not your clothes or the year these photos were taken.  For more details and to help coordinate good outfit choices, follow these What To Wear suggestions.

Do I get all the digitals?

Standard All-Inclusive Portrait Sessions do include hand edited digital files.  Newborn Session Fees do not include digital files, but digitals can be purchased at any time.  All images are hand-edited for perfection.  You have the option to purchase full-resolution digital files individually or the entire session.  Total images depends on each session and multiple factors.

Do you make custom cards and products?

Yes!  Check out some of the custom products I make in my online catalog.  The difference between my products and those you can create online yourself is complete control.  My templates are created in photoshop where I can edit every detail exactly how you want them.  I can change all the text, colors, backgrounds, number of images, layout of images, etc...  And, professionally designed products and cards do not come branded with my logo or a printer logo which makes them look cheap.  Cost of cards is comparable to other online vendors.  Please contact me for pricing quotes on your project idea.

How much do prints, canvasses or albums cost?

Professional quality products are worth the investment, will be true to original colors and detail, and are guaranteed for life.  Products purchased from other sources are not guaranteed to match color.  Cheap vendors often automatically change the color and saturation of prints.  If you want your prints to maintain original quality, order directly through me.  I guarantee everything and will replace it if you're not happy with the quality.  Please contact me for a full price list.